A cool analog photography idea—Your Yearbook Tip of the Day for Friday, November 16, 2018.

We saw this tip in a very cool book called “The Digital Photography Book” by Scott Kelby. Scott mentions this tip in conjunction with taking pictures of buildings. He says when you take a picture of a church or a museum you should take a close-up of a sign that identifies it.

Well that works great for architectural stuff but what about yearbook. How often have your photographers come back with pictures of stuff and you have no clue what it is? And you tell them they should take notes and bring back those notes and turn them in so you know what and who are in the pictures they took at a given time. Seriously, how many photographers will take notes? And how many of those notes can be found when it is time to write captions, etc.?

So have them take a sheet of paper just before they shoot, write the date and the time and the event on it and take a picture of it. It should be the first photo of that particular photo shoot. They can include as many shots as they want listing the who, what, when and where.

Now I never would have recommended this when we were still shooting film as it would have been a wasteful expense but with digital, think how great it will be if your first photo of every shoot has all the info you need on it and you don’t have to go and try to find someone’s notes.



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Tips of the Day