Summer Organizer

Until we return to Tips of the Day, here's some things to get done this summer.
Establish your budget, ad prices and book prices

Don’t get caught with your prices down. It is far better to increase the price of your book $1 per year than to jump the price by $5 every five years. And, if you are selling ads, don’t forget to check your ad prices. They may have been set five years ago, and you may now be losing money on each advertising page you sell. A good rule of thumb is to pay for four pages of yearbook with each page of advertising sold. If you do an all-color book, you should raise your prices for that reason as well.

Meet with your school administrators

This is a great time to establish rapport with the people who run the school. Also touch base with front office secretaries, your bookkeeper and your custodial staff. (They are really the people who run your school.) If your book is shipping in August (fall delivery book), explain what you want done with it when it arrives.

Tech tasks

Move any photos or layouts from YTO 2015 to YTO 2016. Clean your computers. Archive photos and remove all of your 2015 materials from your servers.

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