A photography question for you from a great adviser—Your Yearbook Tip of the Day for Monday, November 20, 2017.

This came into my inbox today. I have some ideas which I passed on to the advisor here, but she would like to hear from the masses as well.

“In recent years, cameras on cell phones have become much better, and even higher end cameras have become more reasonably priced and accessible.  As a result, there are more pictures out there, and better quality pictures out there.  This has created a two sided issue for us.

The first issue is this....I often see photos floating around on Facebook or other social media that are better than the photos that my yearbook staff are submitting.  Once in awhile the parents who took those photos email them to me so that we can use them in the yearbook.  The dilemma that I have is... do we want a yearbook full of images that people have already seen on Facebook?  I try to get the yearbook students to take all of the photos so that yearbook can have our own unique shots, but, like I said... the Facebook photos are often better than the ones that we have in our files.  What do other advisers think/do about this?

The second issue (and the total opposite) is this.... now that we have nice cameras, we are out there taking lots of pictures.  typically we put those pictures in a file on the computer, use a handful of them in our book, and the rest are lost in the digital shuffle somewhere.  With all of the sharing capabilities that we have these days, I’m starting to feel guilty about all of the photos that are never seen by the students who are in them.  For example... we just got a lot of great shots of our Varsity soccer team.  Many of those students are graduating this year... it is their final season playing together.  I would love to share the photos with those students and their families, BUT... I’m pretty sure if I did, they would end up on Facebook or other social media sites, and then we are back to the issue of having a book full of pictures that everybody has already seen.  What advice do other advisers have regarding photos and sharing?  I would love to hear some ideas”.

I know how I would answer her questions and I am going to slip my views in amongst what you send my way. I do think it’s an excellent discussion to start.


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