Between Key West and Solstice

Pertinent Info:
Day 6

After we got back to Mike and Carol’s in Boynton Beach we met two of the best people ever, Mike and Carol’s friends Bonnie and Ray. We had known they were joining us and Carol had said they were great people and that we would love them but that was a total understatement. Look up fun people in the dictionary and you will probably find their pictures. They are one of our fondest memories of this trip. What great new friends. And that night we headed to Snappers restaurant in Boynton Beach for dinner. (No relation to Snappers in Key Largo where we had lunch on our way down.) We were joined by Jack and Debi (two other Martini Mates) who had just arrived for the cruise from New Mexico. It was great to see them. Debi is a hoot and Jack is one of the wittiest people we know. It was a fun dinner as we (all in our mid 50s to mid 60s) were easily the youngest adults in the restaurant. Oh the joys of Florida.

The next morning Mike (who is even more of an avid photographer than I am and one of the big reasons I have gotten so into it in recent years) took us to one of the coolest places ever to take pics. It’s called Wakodahatchee. It is a nature conservancy run by the local water district. It is stocked with alligators, turtles and lots of free flying birds of all kinds. If you like taking pictures, you would love it. We were there about two hours and shot all kinds of wildlife. Check the photo album for Wakodahatchee to see Kathleen and my pics. You can also read about the entire nature conservation area here on their website which you can find by clicking here.

After a relaxing afternoon that included shopping for groceries (Kathleen) and wine (Jim) we headed south to dinner at Bravo in Fort Lauderdale. We were meeting the last two Martini Mates as well as about 20 of our new Cruise Critic friends who we had not met in person yet but have been communicating with online for a while. You can see pictures of this gathering by clicking here. It was a great dinner (Italian food) and we can’t thank Mike and Carol enough for finding this place. It was a great place to eat and we can highly endorse if for future pre-cruise gatherings as it is very central to Port Everglades. To see more about this restaurant, click here.

Tomorrow we would board Solstice. Click here to read more.