Martini Mates ride Again


We have been planning this vacation since January of 2008 when my company moved their annual meeting from January to February and that meant we had to cancel a planned cruise in Australia and New Zealand. When that happened we just knew we would wind up on this cruise with our Martini Mates.

So we have. And we have even done one better. We twisted the arms of our best friends Bob and Judy and talked them into leaving the chilly frozen north that is Chilliwack, BC and coming with us. (It didn’t take too much arm twisting.)

On March 8, Bob and Judy drove down from BC and joined us and our local kids for a farewell dinner. The next morning (with a little snow on the ground) it was off to SeaTac and a flight to Orlando which would lead to a drive to the home of our other best friends, Mike and Carol. This is the story of the third reunion of the Martini Mates. And as I write this on the fifth day of our trip, it has been a doozy so far.

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Florida & the Caribbean

In March of 2009 we embarked on a two week and two day journey to Florida and a cruise of the Caribbean on Celebrity Cruise Line’s Solstice. We traveled with four of the most fun people in the world, Bob, Judy, Mike and Carol as well as quite a few other members of a very active Cruise Critic group.